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Vortex Brewing Co., located in the historic railroad village of New Freedom, PA, we offer the local community a friendly, modern, upscale taproom environment with hand crafted beers on tap. 

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What Makes Vortex Brewing Co Different

Edward Janiak

We’ve all been to a good brewery, been served good beer, and had good service. But what about a phenomenal brewery, outstanding beer, and spectacular service? Our commitment to our craft starts at the beginning as we choose our high-quality ingredients and continues to the end when our bartender hands you the perfect beer they’ve selected from our menu for your taste. 

We knew that the beer at Vortex Brewery needed to stand out from the start. The fact that the microbrewery and craft beer scene has blown up over the last decade is not lost on us, and while we support each brewer who has set out to make their mark, we want to take it even a step further.

It starts at the beginning as we decide on the type of beer we want to create. We call ourselves “beer purists,” which follows the same philosophy of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” This means that we brew our beer true to the style and do not deviate from how it is supposed to be created. 

“There’s beauty in creating beer in a specific style, true and authentic, made in the style it’s supposed to be. There is something to be said for that,” says our head brewer, Ed, “It’s a wonderful thing to experiment and try new styles, but we like the purist approach. What beer should taste like according to specifications has always been intriguing to me. I want to keep it authentic.”

And delicious. 

However, the choice to stay authentic in the style of beer they produce goes beyond rulebooks and specifications. This choice was made with the guest in mind. 

“I want someone to come in and tell the bartender what they like to drink, whether it’s a Saison or a New England IPA, and have the bartender be able to find them the ideal beer to quench their thirst.”

Along with our passion for brewing quality beer comes the desire for spectacular service that will leave our guests wanting to return to the vortex again. When people highest in the company are passionate about the product they serve and the experience they provide, they can share that with the rest of their staff and the guests. Thus creating an environment where you can check your worries at the door and have a fabulous time. (All while drinking a perfectly poured brown porter or whatever else you choose.)

“We see it as a bigger responsibility than just brewing good beer,” Richard (co-founder),” The experience is just as important to us as the quality of our beer.” 

That’s why the commitment to excellence is not only in the craft beer quality but also in the quality of the staff education. At Vortex Brewing Co, we want people to see where the magic happens, understand it, and become a part of the process. From seeing the beer tanks from the bar to having the time of your life chatting away with a bartender as you learn more about your favorite type of beer, Vortex Brewing is the place where you are a part of the family. 

Quality beer, excellence of service, and commitment to our staff are part of who we are as a brewery, and we can’t wait to welcome you in once we open our doors. 

Stay tuned. 

June 2022.

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